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Balloon DogMake A Balloon Dog!
Inflating & Tying a Balloon

For ease in tying a balloon, hold 1 inch of the balloon at the neck while you inflate it, so there’s enough room to tie it. Inflate a 260Q balloon by mouth, or with a Qualatex Balloon Pump. To tie the balloon, hold the neck between your left thumb and middle finger, with the nozzle of the balloon pointing up. With your right thumb and index finger, stretch the neck, and wrap it around the tips of your left index and middle fingers in a clockwise direction. Spread your left fingers, and tuck the nozzle down and through the loop with your right hand. Slide your left fingers out of the loop while holding the nozzle with your right hand.

Twisting the Balloon

1. Inflate a 260Q, leaving about 6 inches uninflated, and tie it. Hold the balloon in your left hand with the uninflated end pointing right. Make three 1-inch bubbles for the Dog’s head and ears. To make a 1-inch bubble, pinch the balloon and twist it several times. An inch further, twist again, making sure to twist in the same direction.

2. To make ears, twist the last two 1-inch bubbles together at the base. This will keep the bubbles from untwisting.

3. Make a 1-inch bubble for the neck followed by two 2-inch bubbles. Twist the 2-inch bubbles together at the base to make front legs.

4. For the Dog’s body, make a 5-inch bubble followed by two 2-inch bubbles. Twist the 2-inch bubbles together at the base to make back legs. Leave a small bubble of air at the base of the tail to hold the back legs in place.

5. Roll the tail between the back legs to prevent them from untwisting and complete the Dog.


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