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Since 1988, “Balloon Images” magazine has been helping businesses sell more Qualatex balloons. Every full-color quarterly issue of the magazine is packed with creative bouquets, decor ideas, instructions, business articles, merchandising ideas, and more!

This valuable resource is reserved for balloon professionals who invest in professional equipment and products as well as training.

Attention QBN Members:
For additional marketing resources, balloon professionals can check out the Qualatex Business Boosters. You’ll find decor ideas, bouquet ideas, marketing tips, articles, and more for every occasion—all in one convenient place and all designed to make planning and promoting easier!

Although the “Balloon Images” Online Edition will no longer be published here, QBN Members can now log in to the Business Boosters to receive special bonus features.

QBN Members can still log into the Online Edition to access the “Balloon Images” Index Search, order back issues, and view archived online editions.




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