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The products featured in our catalogs are sold through balloon professionals throughout the world. Our printed catalogs are only available to businesses. Consumers can visit Find-A-Pro for a balloon professional in their area. Visit New Products for the latest offerings.

Qualatex Everyday 2014 Catalog
This comprehensive catalog features the complete line of everyday Qualatex balloons, including latex, Microfoil, and Bubbles! To view the catalog online choose the catalog below based on your location. Request a European catalogue.


Qualatex Everyday Catalog
United States
& International

Qualatex Everyday Catalogue

Qualatex Everyday Catalog

Suplemento de Globos Qualatex
México, América
Latina y El Caribe


Seasonal Qualatex Catalogs
Find balloons for all seasons with special Qualatex seasonal catalogs, European catalogues, and Canadian catalogs.

Qualatex Valentine CollectionQualatex
Valentine's &
Early Spring
Collection 2015

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Qualatex Spring CollectionQualatex
Spring & Summer
Collection 2015
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Qualatex Autumn Collection Qualatex
Autumn & Winter
Collection 2014

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Product Fliers

Aeropole SystemAeropole System
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Premium MagicFlatePremium MagicFlate
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Qualatex Quick LinksQualatex Quick Links
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Decor Shapes TemplatesQualatex
Decor Shapes Templates

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Rachel Ellen CollectionRachel Ellen

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Qualatex Diamond AccentsQualatex
Diamond Accents

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Qualatex Diamond ExpressionsQualatex
Diamond Expressions

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Custom Color FlierQualatex Custom Colors

Air-Fill designQualatex Air-fill Advantage Flier Qualatex Decor ShapesQualatex
Decor Shapes

United States
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Qualatex Decor ShapesQualatex
Decor Shapes
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Qualatex Decor Shapes IdeasQualatex
Decor Shapes

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Packaged Balloon

Qualatex Packaged Balloon ProgramThis consumer packaged balloon program will make it even easier for customers to find exactly what they need by displaying and organzing packages on the convenient Party Balloon Spinner.
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Custom Colors FlierQualatex MasterBow Collection
Stay in the loop with new product information and design ideas found in the Qualatex MasterBow catalog.


Pioneer® Party Group Catalog
Pioneer Party Group Catalog

Pioneer Party Group designs and develops balloons and other products for the party market. This catalog includes PartyMate, Qualatex, JUST WRITE, Funsational, and Qualatex MasterBow products.
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Outdoor BalloonsOutdoor Balloons
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Outdoor BalloonsBSA Balloons
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