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New Aeropole System™ Marketing Materials

Just over a year ago, the revolutionary AeröPole System™ was introduced to balloon professionals. Decorators who have already worked with the AeröPole have expressed their excitement about it as a valuable tool for creating profitable, air–fill Classic Balloon Decor. Whether you've used the AeröPole yet or not, check out this new 6–page flier packed with helpful tips, testimonials, and photos. Find it at "Online Catalogs" on Qualatex.com or click on the flier image to the left. Visit AeroPoleSystem.com for even more information.

Oct/Nov/Dec 2014 "Balloon Images" Magazine

The latest issue of "Balloon Images" is here! This issue is packed full of ideas to help you grow your business including articles on planning for Valentine’s Day, incorporating fabric into your designs, using patterns in Classic Decor, and recreating the "fire and ice" designs from WBC 2014. This issue also features a Designer Showcase on Federico Onida, CBA; as well as coverage from the German Balloon Convention and Sunny Twist France.

As always, you’ll find a full spread of the latest products from Qualatex, along with plenty of profitable ideas for how to use them in the "Balloons to Go" section. Click on Balloon Images to see if you qualify for a FREE subscription. You can also check out Back Issues of the magazine for useful information and plenty of design inspiration.

"Balloon Magic – The Magazine" #76

It’s here! The pages of the latest "Balloon Magic - The Magazine" are filled with easy–to–follow instructions for impressive figures, including a Hibiscus Hairband, Chihuahua, Panda, and Motorcycle by Ed Chee; a Skateboard by Pieter van Engen, CBA; and a Gladiator Helmet by David Brenion. This jam–packed issue also includes a Spotlight story on Takehiro Kai, coverage of Twist & Shout 2014, and the winners of the Rose Qualatex Color Quest. Be sure to check out the all-new Balloon Magic Bonus Video, featuring Pieter’s Rhino on a Skateboard!

Subscribe now via a PDF* order form, or call 1-800-865-4603, or 316-685-2266 outside the USA. Find figures from past issues in the Balloon Magic Index, then click on Back Issues to purchase.

It’s time to start planning for WBC 2016!

We’re looking forward to WBC 2016 in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA—and we hope you are too! If you haven’t been to WorldBalloonConvention.com lately, be sure to check it out for some new updates:

General Info – Get more details on traveling to New Orleans, getting around the city, and even what to wear when you’re there.
FAQs – Find the answers to frequently asked questions about the WBC.
Location – Discover why New Orleans is the ideal destination to enhance your overall experience outside of the WBC classes, activities, and events.
Registration – Learn how you can start saving NOW to attend WBC 2016!

Watch for continued updates on WorldBalloonConvention.com as we finalize registration costs, instructors, classes, and other important WBC 2016 information.

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Qualatex is already connecting with thousands of fans and followers all over the world through Facebook and Twitter. Now, we’re ready to reach even more people on Pinterest! The Qualatex pinboards include balloon decor and delivery ideas, new products, and much more inflated inspiration.

Balloon professionals already on Pinterest can repin our pins onto their own boards to share with their followers. Because our pins will also be found by consumers, this is a great opportunity to direct them to the "Find-A-Pro" database on qualatex.com for quality balloon work.

Ultimately, Pinterest will allow us to inspire people everywhere to use
The Very Best Balloons
for their occasions. So let’s spread the joy of
balloons and start pinning!

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