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Pioneer's Driving Forces
Pioneer's Three Commitments
The Pioneer Mission Statement
The Shared Vision of Pioneer
Pioneer's Role Model Standards and Basic Principles

Pioneer's Driving Forces

Our driving forces are the guidance system for Pioneer's future direction. They are the anchors, reference points, and principles we use to measure the success of our growth. Each individual Pioneer employee must define how their everyday decisions and actions contribute to Pioneer's Driving Forces. When each individual's actions are focused on returning value through our four driving forces, Pioneer's growth is on target and we are aligned with our overall mission and purpose.

Total Customer Satisfaction
Our customers are the keys to our success and to our future. We will vigorously nurture these relationships, taking care to ensure that our customers never have a reason to try a competitor's product. The product and service quality we deliver to our internal customers directly impacts the level of quality we provide to our external customers.

Total Value Leadership
Value is more than the cost of our products. It is also the added service, product quality, market leadership, and genuine concern we have for the success of our customers. We must deliver unsurpassed value.

Global Market Leadership
Global leadership requires that we be growth-oriented and innovative, not relying on our past successes. It also requires that we proactively seek out new markets, products, and customers.

Employee Empowerment
Our work environment should be enjoyable and fulfilling, where people enjoy what they are doing and are good at it; take responsibility and get involved; share in our vision for the future; and seek ways to grow personally and professionally.

Pioneer's Three Commitments

Pioneer has three basic commitments which guide our approach to planning, decision making, and addressing the realities of the marketplace and our organization: Reality, Change, and Excellence.

The order in which we listed our three commitments is important. We must be willing and able to see things for what they truly are if we are to have a chance to make good and meaningful decisions. With the ability to see things for what they truly are, we can make the changes necessary to address the reality of the situation and know those changes are appropriate and necessary steps to achieving excellence. And, finally, having made appropriate changes, we can focus on achieving excellence in every aspect of our business.

Commitment to REALITY:
Pioneer is committed to seeing things for what they truly are, rather than what we desire or need them to be. When assessing our business, future opportunities, and our people, we are committed to being realistic. This commitment to reality gives us the ability to size up a situation squarely and take appropriate action in a timely and humane manner.

Commitment to CHANGE:
Change is constant, and Pioneer is committed to constantly re-evaluating our business and adapting our products, organization, and business approach to meet emerging realities. Change is necessary and natural for growth and development. A commitment to reality assures us that we have good reasons for making changes to address new realities.

Commitment to EXCELLENCE:
We execute with excellence, knowing that our customers will accept no less. Executing with excellence means, first and foremost, that we place quality at the top of our list of priorities above all else. It also means we do things right the first time to create efficiencies and reduce costs. Finally, it means doing the right things so our actions reflect our integrity and commitment to our principles.

The Pioneer Mission Statement

Pioneer Balloon Company is an organization of dedicated people committed to unsurpassed quality, innovation, excellence, and value in everything we do. We are committed to progressive people management and to the personal growth of all of our employees. We are committed to leadership in our markets, our industries, and our communities. As a result of our commitments, we know we will make tomorrow different and better than today. At the heart of our beliefs, we know that corporate well-being and growth are a direct result of commitment to principles, people, and a moral sense of purpose.

The Shared Vision of Pioneer

Principles that guide our company vision:

The company and our people have responsibilities to each other. Working at Pioneer is more than a job, it's a career, and a career is an important part of our lives. We try to provide all of our people with fulfilling and challenging work; positions which allow them to utilize their natural talents and grow. We will empower our people and involve all employees in improving our business. We will nurture our people and provide tools to help them grow. In return, we expect from our employees a commitment to excel, to think, to question as well as a commitment to communicate and make the company a better, more efficient organization.

We will provide Total Customer Satisfaction. Our customers are the key to our success and to our future, and we will vigorously nurture these relationships. We will make it easy for people to do business with us. We will work to ensure that our customers never have a reason to try a competitor's product. We recognize, too, that different customers have different needs, and we will work to satisfy the needs of as many market segments as possible.

We will be the Total Value Leader in our business. Global competition is tough, and it is more important than ever to sustain and nurture brand loyalty. We are committed to maintaining our leadership position by delivering unsurpassed value and becoming the lowest cost producer through creative management of our general overhead and operations.

Principles that inspire our daily activity:

We will strive toward excellence. Working together as a team, we will ensure that everything we do will be done efficiently and effectively. Our products will be the best in their price categories, our sales and marketing support will mirror that product excellence, and our customer service and after-sale support will be unequaled.

Realism will guide our decisions. A great product or service is defined by marketplace needs and must be produced at a price that people are willing to pay. We will be realistic when assessing our business, future opportunities, and our people. We will make decisions, even difficult decisions, in a timely and humane manner.

Our business will be fun! We feel that a career should be more than "work," it should be "fun." We are committed to creating an atmosphere where work is enjoyable and fulfilling, where people like what they are doing. We are committed to work being at least "51% fun."

Principles that drive our vision of the future:

We will manage our business to ensure profitability and return on investment. A financially sound, healthy business is essential to all our commitments, and we will deliver solid financial performance. We recognize, too, that to maximize our future we must balance investment requirements for long-term strength with the realities of short-term results.

We will be leaders in our markets, our industries, and our communities. We are committed to innovation in all aspects of business. We are also committed to leadership as a corporate citizen, be it on industry issues and education, community involvement, or business ethics. We firmly believe that all activity must be guided by a moral sense of purpose.

We know that change is a fact of life, and will manage accordingly. The pace of change in the world today is faster than ever. What works today may not be appropriate tomorrow. To survive and thrive in this climate, we must embrace change and constantly re-evaluate our situation and adapt our products, organization, and business approach to those emerging realities.

Pioneer's Role Model Standards and Basic Principles

1. Focus on the situation, issue, or behavior, not the person. Feedback, coaching, interpersonal communication, and decision making all deal with the "facts" of what did, is, or may happen. We do not look to the person as the fault of something by laying blame. We deal with the process and separate out the person. This does not mean tough decisions involving people are overlooked or not taken. To the contrary, this principle, and our commitment to reality, means we make the tough decisions by focusing on the facts and not making it personal.

2. Maintain the self-confidence and self-esteem of others. By not focusing on the person, we maintain the confidence and esteem of that person. Regardless of the situation, we respect the dignity of the individual. We also respect that dignity when they are not in our presence. Maintaining a person's confidence and esteem opens lines of communication, gains commitment to actions, reduces defensiveness, and increases cooperation. It is also in keeping with our strong tradition of treating people with compassion, dignity, and respect.

3. Maintain constructive working relationships with all Pioneer associates. We depend on each other for support and service in order to serve our customers. We must maintain a good working relationship with all those with whom we work to ensure a supportive and cooperative environment which allows good customer service to prosper. We treat everyone professionally and courteously regardless of personal feelings. We proactively seek to develop good working relationships with people outside our functional responsibilities to provide us with a deeper perspective of how Pioneer works. We need the input of our associates in decision making and initiative setting, and we believe strongly in "gathering the contributions" to help us in these endeavors. Without good working relationships with all associates, we limit our ability to be effective.

4. Take the initiative and responsibility to make things better. Each of us is responsible for the success of Pioneer. If you know how to solve a problem, solve it now, not tomorrow. Who is in charge or has responsibility for the problem is of little consequence. We don't wait for the time when we can hit a home run in solving problems or improving work processes. We take action now to make small, incremental improvements. We are not comfortable with current performance and are constantly looking for ways to improve. We don't wait to be told what and when to improve something, we take action when we see the need. When our actions are guided by our four driving forces, we will take the right action.

5. Lead by example. People learn more by sight than any other motor sense. Our people and our peers watch us constantly. Our bearing and actions determine the nature of future actions by others around us. If we expect to see positive results, we must demonstrate them first and then be consistent in that example. When we are consistent in that example, we become a role model for others.

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