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QBN Kit Contents

The NEW, updated QBN Kits are packed with proven techniques and systems to help you sell more balloons and make more money. Because the Kits center on DVDs, learning is quick and refreshers are even easier.

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QBN Balloon Decor Kit


QBN Balloon Basics Kit #27731
  • 2 DVDs (1hr., 54 mins.)
  • “Design Basics with Balloons” Book
  • Qualatex Catalog
  • Online Reference Material and Test

  • What You’ll Learn:
    Balloons, Inflation, & Tying
  • Inflating & Tying Latex Balloons with Air, Nitrogen, & Helium
  • Sizing Latex Balloons
  • Caring for Inflated Latex Balloons
  • Figuring Helium Needs
  • Extending Float Times with ULTRA HI-FLOAT
  • Helium Inflating Microfoil Balloons
  • Inflating and Sealing Small Microfoil Balloons
  • Pre-cutting Ribbon
  • Balloons & the Environment

  • Bouquets
  • Creating Stacked & Staggered Helium Bouquets
  • Designing with Balloons: Proportion & Scale, Color Harmonies, Texture, Balloon Weights, & Balloon Gifts

  • Protecting Your Business
  • Pricing for Profits
  • Selling

  • String-of-Pearl Arches
  • Creating String-of-Pearl Arches
  • Estimating Supplies for String-of-Pearl Arches
  • Pricing String-of-Pearl Arches

  • Garland
  • Creating Balloon Garland
  • Creating Garland Patterns
  • Estimating Supplies for Balloon Garland
  • Creating Swags
  • Creating Columns
  • Topping Columns
  • Creating Garland Arches

  • Marketing
  • Word-of-Mouth Advertising
  • Networking
  • Donating & Discounting
  • Selling Over the Phone
  • Promoting Your Business Identity
  • Using Custom-printed Balloons
  • Displaying to Sell
  • Marketing with Brochures
  • Leveraging Your Web Site
  • Using Traditional Media
  • QBN Balloon Deliveries & Bouquets Kit #27732
  • 1 DVD (50 mins.)
  • Qualatex Catalog
  • Online Reference Material and Test

  • What You’ll Learn:
  • Training Employees
  • Taking Orders
  • Transporting Balloons

  • Delivery Presentations
  • Entrance
  • Presentation
  • Exit

  • Design Principles & Elements
  • Designing Bouquets
  • Principles & Elements of Design: Color, Texture, & Proportion

  • Marketing & Merchandising
    Added Value
  • BIG Bouquets
  • Long-lasting Latex Balloons
  • Printed Balloons
  • Personalization
  • Hearts
  • Balloon Collars
  • Confetti Balloons
  • Hot-air Balloons
  • Double Bubbles
  • Gumballs
  • Balloon Flowers
  • GEO Donut Balloons
  • Pacifiers
  • Adhesives
  • Balloon Faces
  • Floating Fish

  • QBN Balloon Decor Kit #27733
  • 1 DVD (1 hr., 9 mins.)
  • Qualatex Catalog
  • Online Reference Material and Test

  • What You’ll Learn:
    Designing Room Decor
  • Understanding Design: Line, Principles, Proportion & Scale, Balance, Rhythm, & Harmony

  • Table Decor
  • Decorating Tables
  • Designing for Tables: Floral Arrangements & Plants, Sand Balloons, Bow Bases, & Gift Boxes

  • Marketing & Selling Balloon Decor
  • Portfolio & Idea Book
  • QBN Membership & CBA Designation
  • Networking
  • Weddings
  • Past Customers
  • Phone Calls
  • Selling the Effect
  • Drawing up a Contract
  • Planning for Success
  • Advanced Decor
  • Making Garland Smaller and Larger
  • Adding Value
  • Lighting
  • Double Stuffing Balloons
  • Making Topiaries
  • Decorating with Fantasy Clouds
  • Creating Heart Sculptures
  • Making SDS Balloon Walls
  • Rigging Made Simple
  • Creating Balloon Drops
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