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“Double Your Profits” Kits
Did you know that balloons produce the highest profit margin of any product you sell? The "Double Your Profits" kits show you how to make lots more money with balloons. You'll learn simple things you can do to add value to your balloons and set yourself apart from the competition. And, they're terrific training tools for years to come.

Professional Resources Order FormORDER NOW! Download a Professional Resources Order Form in Adobe Acrobat PDF format, then fax or mail. (See Viewing Tips for more information on PDF files.) Or, call 1-800-803-5380, or 316-685-2266 outside the USA. International offerings may vary.

Double Your Profits Videotape Kits

“Double Your Profits Kit 1:
12 Ways to Make More Money with Balloons”

#46949 Videotape
#78995 Video CD-PC*
#80197 Video CD-Mac**
US$9.95 plus S&H

Double Your Profits Videotape Kit 2:
12 MORE Ways to Make EVEN MORE Money with Balloons”

#46950 Videotape
#78996 Video CD-PC*
#80198 Video CD-Mac**
US$14.95 plus S&H

*Minimum hardware and software requirements for the Video CD-ROM:
Microsoft Windows 95 or higher, Intel or AMD CPU with 450 MHz, 32 MB system memory, 20 MB available hard drive space, and Sound Card installed.

**Minimum hardware and software requirements for the Video CD-ROM:
PowerMac G3, MacOS 9.x or better, and 256 MB RAM or better.

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