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4 Deco Bubbles BalloonsExperience a whole new category of balloons with Qualatex Bubble Balloons! The Bubble is the first of its kind and is made of stretchy, see-through plastic. Bubbles inflate perfectly round and have a beach ball-like appearance.

Bubbles bring new life to your balloon offering with sizes ranging from 15" to 24". They also feature fun and innovative designs including many popular licensed characters!

Bubble Inflation
Knowing how to properly inflate Bubble Balloons will guarantee happy customers! The special stretchy plastic allows Bubbles to stretch BIG and ROUND. Watch the inflation videos to become an expert Bubble inflator!

Inflated Bubbles

Single Bubbles Inflation VideoDouble Bubbles Inflation VideoDeco Bubbles Inflation Video

Solid-color Bubbles are pop resistant but not pop-proof. They can withstand temperature changes; however, exposing them to extreme heat (temperature exceeding 110 degrees F, 44 degrees C) may result in poor performance. Enclosed areas, such as a vehicle in sunlight, can exceed these temperatures.

Bubble Instruction Sheets

Tower of Birthday Fun
Lollipop Delight Arch
Gift of Balloons

Deco Bubble Columns

Give the Grad a Hand
Flying Caps Arch

Rubber Duckie Column

Ho, Ho, Ho! Chandelier
Smilin’ Snowman
Candy Cane Column
Christmas Swirls Column

Magical Jack centerpiece

Shooting Star Column

646Q Flower Tower
Floral Delight
Fun Flower Pool Float
Garden Sensation



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